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a person who is able to make someone else happier than they have ever been.
who makes them smile and laugh and feel happy with their life and who they are.
who can make every moment that they spend together amazing.

someone to hold on to very tightly
Boy 1: "She obviously means a lot to you"
Boy 2: "Yeah, shes pretty damn isla tbh"
by Alexxx2134 October 24, 2007
The name Isla is often found in Scotland, but the origins have been a mystery since language itself began to form barriers and structure. The greatest research efforts cannot pinpoint the true origin, however they do reveal a strong tie to the name 'Isla' and 'Love'. When looked at through Hebrew context, Isla is often the word used to describe intense passion and sensuality, however through the ages it has changed and adapted into words such as 'Love', 'Attraction' and even 'Sex'.

The word itself is an aphrodisiac, and women who carry the name are often both extremely beautiful and attractive. Surprisingly as well, a few character traits are consistent with those that have the name Isla, as if the word itself changes the way they perceive themselves and in turn the way the world perceives them.

These women keep their youth and vibrance with them throughout the years, growing only in wisdom and spirit. This anomaly contributes to their burning passion inside, an intense heat that holds true to their name.

However the consistency in all of the research being that they are also very fragile, moreso then their peers, because of that passion. Friendship then, is the true modernisation of the word, with only a few studies showing those with the name being more prone to taking risks and in turn breaking hearts.
Such attraction and passion in this painting' was once 'Painting commands such Isla
by ForcedKeystroke April 29, 2011
So make someone really happy, or to feel fuzzy inside. Also a describing word, used to describe people or things.
"Wow, that flower is wonderful"
Yeah, its Isla.
by olly91 August 03, 2010
small island in river parana guazu entre rios Argentina discovered by Pastor BILLBUEY in 1998
isla ,billbuey, dorado, fishing,
by guillermo schiappacasse April 17, 2007
Isla is always skulking in the background, she could be considered a ''lurker''.
Person 1: ''Guess who stood behind me''

Person 2: ''Isla again?''

Person 1: ''She's just always pulling an isla''
by anon172 April 12, 2011

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