Jason is usually a large lumber jack type. Big, manly and indigenous to areas like Alaska, Washington or Montana but can occasionally be found in Colorado. They are not known to be romantic but are hard working and known to show affection by doing odd jobs around the house or by working overtime. They are rare to find and therefore very valuable. One of their unusual traits is that they are always found to have huge hands with sausage fingers. (Another valuable asset some might say.) Really rare Jasons also have a freckled complexion that on other men may look odd but on a Jason it looks HOT!
Jane: Amazing! Where did you find that Jason? Do you know where I can get one?
Mary: Stay back Jane! I may look small but I can get scrappy if you try to steal my Jason!
Jane: Whoa there Mary, although he is mighty handsome I wasn't looking for me. My sister Nancy could use a Jason. I, myself am more into Janets than Jasons.
by #1jasonfan February 03, 2010
Queerish bitch that drives a gayyy faggot-like Subaru that isn't even fast.
"Look at that Jason over there. haha gayyyyyy"
by TheTeejestdodo September 06, 2013
The best guy on the planet. He can make you feel comfortable, and loved. If he was your boyfriend, he'd never let you go unless you let him go. He'll do what you say and his voice is soft and warm. He is the best guy you'll ever meet and is normally really short. He really enjoys sports and hates football but still very fit and sporty. He has never wore jeans in his life. He is the complete opposite of high maintenance. Jason is the best guy you'll meet. Ever.
Girl 1: I love Jason, isn't he just perfect?
Girl 2: Yes. But he is too good for me.

Girl 1: I know. He is so hot though!
by Holland Marty October 09, 2013
by nubeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee October 20, 2010
a Jason is gay and likes lady-boys
Jason, upon his return from his Thailand adventure, told many stories about his lady-boy conquests.
by markfivestar August 28, 2011
usually a funny kid, that like to smoke alot of pot, usually spends all of his money on it, but usually also wants other people to smoke him some weed, has someone in his family who was a bad impression on him, possibly a older brother or cousin, doesnt give a fuck about what anyone thinks about his marijuana use, has a best friend who has moved to a different school, but will soon reunite in a naborhood
by smokinthagange24/7 February 20, 2010
THE MOST FUCKING SEXIEST PERSON IN THE WORLD AND WAS SEXY BUT NOW UGLY. IM SHY dooshybag i can be mean cheat on people tricks girls fuck peole all day desperate no freinds hurts peoples feelings especially girls. doesnt have a sensitive heart. i like alot of girls i like to makeout with people he is rude and fucking gorgeous freindlly beautiful and smart .
by jasonlin October 21, 2011

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