The best Hockey player ever! Total Chick magnet. Sexy Hot Athlete Attractive Charming Smart

The ONLY Name that spells 5 months trough out the year

"Jason" is ranked 10th for best names for a male
"Jason"Sexiest person alive
"Jason is a genius!"
"Jason is so Hot"
"Jason is so cute!"
"I LOVE my Jason"
by Jason the great April 05, 2014

Jason is a guy with a large forhead and with friends like weed and bud,he is an intelligent guy with no heart beating inside him,you will get to know that the longer you know him..
Jason once went out with a girl for five years and dumped her for a girl with a bigger wage,he is the kinda shy awkward lovely type of guy who will leave a girl crying at the alter he is sooo nice and friendly yall..saracasm

The truth is nobody will be the future mrs N... Because he is a sociopath and will get found out sooner or later the mask of charm will slip..
by jasonisanerd December 27, 2013
Jason - An intelligent guy with no heart.
Jason is a sociopath,stay out of his way you will only get burned..
by thatgirlwhoknowsyouwell December 27, 2013
A guy who is hard to get but he'll go through one girl after another. He's really nice and sweet, but don't be fooled, you wont last long with a Jason. He's usually shy until you get to know him. He's not the type to be your best friend or boyfriend. He swoons the girls and many girls drool over the gentleman personality Jason's have, but he's a forever alone type of guy even if he has a girlfriend. These guys don't talk things over even when situations aren't smooth all over. He'll just be like whatever, a reason why they don't keep a girl for long.
Girl 1: My boyfriend, Jason, doesn't really talk about problems in our relationship.
Girl 2: I heard he'll dump you soon.
Girl 3: Jason is your boyfriend?! Oh, he's dreamy. But not boyfriend material from what I heard.
Girl 2: See? He's probably not interested in you anymore.
Girl 1: Thanks for the warning, totally not dating a Jason next time.
Girl 3: You shouldn't have dated one in the first place, they just play you.
by PandaLuv November 24, 2013
A group of black people.
by xmikeydeex October 29, 2009
The sexy asian in the room is probably names Jason.
"Omg look at that hot asian!"

"Yeah! His name is probably Jason."
by thouwhomustnotbenamed January 31, 2015
Jason's tend to fall in love with the best. Like, Kristina's. People with the name Jason will do anything to get the other person happy. They love Kristina and they will never stop. Ever.
"Whose that couple dating?"
"Oh that's just Jason and Kristina!"
by Hiii0330 September 18, 2011

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