An amazing guy with an awesome personality. He's really hot and so much fun to be with. The only name that is spelled with the months
He's really nice and really smart. Very playful and energetic
Jason is so hot
by jasontheawesome March 01, 2015
A fabulous handsome young man, who gets all of the ladies where ever he goes.
When Jason walked into the bar, every woman turned and stared at his handsomeness.
by Jayawsome December 13, 2014
The best Hockey player ever! Total Chick magnet. Sexy Hot Athlete Attractive Charming Smart

The ONLY Name that spells 5 months trough out the year

"Jason" is ranked 10th for best names for a male
"Jason"Sexiest person alive
"Jason is a genius!"
"Jason is so Hot"
"Jason is so cute!"
"I LOVE my Jason"
by Jason the great April 05, 2014
anyone with the name jason is known as the biggest ass in the building. He is usually an incompetent bastard who is not capable of doing standard every-day things. He weasels his way out of any chore or action that helps anyone else. He tends to be a poser and pretends to know things just to look like a man. He thinks treating women horribly in front of men makes him look manly. He doesnt bother hiding his napoleon complex because he doesn't realize that everyone knows he is trying to over copensate for the youth size protective cup that he owns.
"That mama's boy can't even take care of himself, he's such a jason."

"Did he just say that Reggie Bush got a homerun?, what a Jason!"
by itisthemostfactualpieceofinfo December 22, 2011
Jason's tend to fall in love with the best. Like, Kristina's. People with the name Jason will do anything to get the other person happy. They love Kristina and they will never stop. Ever.
"Whose that couple dating?"
"Oh that's just Jason and Kristina!"
by Hiii0330 September 18, 2011
A loner. Usually a sad individual that drinks in excess. More than likely suffers from PPD or otherwise known as paranoid personality disorder. If not treated early, later in life can turn into full blown schizophrenia. Don't ever trust a Jason to go through on any promise. They are also compulsive liars.
Did you hear about Mark?

Ah, who cares...he was such a Jason.
by GoatRipper August 19, 2011
The short person of the group.
Can be slightly annoying, too loud.
Frequently fiens over girls.
"Yo Jason is fucking annoying"
"Jason be looking at my ass ode"
"Jason play around to much"
by asdfghjk11423 March 03, 2014

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