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A person who is funny, smart, and loves to joke around. He may do this often and it may also affect his friendship with others. He tries to act like a cool kid when in reality he is not. He is who he is and he will not let anyone change that. Sometimes the things he says offends people or makes them angry but he is just looking for somebody to notice him. He feels lonely and needs comfort. When he likes a woman he will not give up on her. When he is in a relationship he is faithful and will do whatever he can to make her happy. Jason is honest and he is a thinker. He says whatever is on his mind and people respect that. Overall, Jason is just a normal guy that will go out of his way for you and is respectful and caring to the ones he loves.
Girl 1: so i heard you're dating a jason
Girl 2: Yup he was so funny and smart I love him
by FunnyGuy July 15, 2012
A gay little boy....
You are a Bish
by Funnyguy October 01, 2003

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