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1. Compulsively flexing your jaw and grinding your teeth while on coke.
2. Dick sucking.
"Man, that shit had me jawin' like a muthafucka last night!"

"My girl gives mad jaw."
by beelzedub September 27, 2005
1. Nympho Riders of America. A group who advocates sexual liberation.
I'm a card carrying member of the NRA, and I get more pussy than the humane society!
by beelzedub October 10, 2005
1. To crave a drug that you habitually use. This induces stress and behavioral abnormalities. When the drug is administered, symptoms subside.

2. To crave anything.
"Man, I been feenin' fo a hit o' crack all day!"

"Man, I'm feenin for some pussy. I aint been laid in forever."
by beelzedub September 27, 2005

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