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A power couple made up of a preppie guy wearing abercrombie and fitch and his girlfriend who is supermodel good looking and stuck up so high planes have to avoid her and they won't even acknolodge you exist.
Hey, there goes abercrombie and bitch!
by flacker October 10, 2004
A female who has extreme natural beauty that it as though she woke up without having to fix herself up. It takes her no effort to look fine.
Man, Stephanie is sooo hot! She is just fall out of bed good looking.
by flacker January 27, 2006
Masturbating! Comes from the Billy Idol song "Dancing With Myself".
My girlfriend walked in and caught me "Dancing with Myself"!
by flacker October 14, 2005
When you do something that you can't take back or reverse(i.e. as in you can't un-ring that bell).
Jan's decision to have a one night stand is a rung bell.
by flacker October 21, 2005
A southern phrase used when you are really pissed off at someone and want to beat them to near death.
I'll kill you dead for wrecking into my pickup truck!
by flacker January 19, 2006
A bad guy that appeared in 2 of the James Bond movies who is about 7 foot tall and has metallic teeth.
Jaws tried to kill Bond in a fight on a train, but Bond defeated him by shocking him in the mouth with a broken lamp.
by flacker October 14, 2005
A person you convey all your problems to who comforts you by providing a shoulder to cry on.
Man, everytime Abbi has a fight with her boyfriend she runs to her shoulder friend Todd.
by flacker December 21, 2006

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