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showing off/fronting
Man he always flexing when he went his boys!
by Ch April 22, 2004
fronting, bull shitting, lying
dude1: a you got the reefer?
dude2: nah i forgot
dude1: man you be flexing bruh!
by ipr0 June 16, 2009
Showing interest in something someone else has as if you want it for yourself.
Stop flexing on my cheesecake dude!
by robblue6412 August 04, 2010
When one male-gender-oriented indvidual decides to show another of the classification their bicep muscle, and in the process tightening the muscle, achieving maximum douchebag level. Usually used on somone who could be described as being a 'hater' by the flexer, or the 'flexee'
Guy 1: "Drake's new album comes out today! I hear there are 12 songs on it about his secret lover Lil Wanye, and the other 3 are about losing."

Guy 2: "Drake blows"

Guy 1: "I'm gonna flex on you!!!"
(Guy 1 starts flexing)
by Zaneke Mutumbo December 11, 2011
A style of dancing from Brooklyn, New York that was popular amongst West Indian Americans in the 2000s. Flexing is a variation of the Jamaican 'Bruk-Up' dance and was on a now defunct local television show called 'Flex In Brooklyn' on Brooklyn Community Access Television or BCAT.
Hey what is that dance they used to do in the Brooklyn parties?

Oh, that is called Flexing.
by Brooklyn Girl xoxo June 16, 2013
A desperate attempt to win an argument. Something that one person accuses another of doing when the accused person makes a salient point that the accuser cannot refute.
Bob just made a bunch of good points, but he can't be right. He must be flexing.
by azzrancor September 04, 2012
Used when describing something or someone that is just 'there' looking good doing absolutly nothing.
"That doe is just sat the flexing."
by B Oldroyd November 07, 2005
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