term for females cumming out brown stuff which resembles chocolate ice pops. it is an orgasmic idea to do this with Madagascar Monkeys.
Did you know that that girl Brittany G went home and Islamed all over that monkey, Ali?!
by Erick Diazz The Dirt May 09, 2011
The religion of Muslim people, who believe in the Koran and the prophet Mohammed. Most smart people can identify them as loving, caring, and generous people. Sadly, most people aren't smart and associate Muslims with extremist terrorist groups. Don't believe that! It's a lie.
Jewish and Christian guy: Hey Mohammed!
Muslim guy: What's up guys?
Stupid guy: Aren't you a terrorist? Stupid Islam.
Muslim: No
Jew and Christian: Pick up a Koran idiot. There's nothing violent in it. We can all coexist.
by bfgcxcrtgtf January 29, 2015
islam is a religion, JUST A RELIGION.

why the fuck are you on this site, can't you see its being run by 8 year old european atheist COD fanboys?
islam is a religion.
by Themuslimgoatfucker November 10, 2015
A religion of peace which follows the teachings of their Prophet Muhammad and their God is known as Allah. Don't confuse Muslims with radical terrorists which kill people and destroy buildings. Those terrorists think they are doing good for their God, but in actual fact, they are mindless and have few understanding for what Islam is. They have misinterpreted the teachings of their Holy Book, the Quran. Read more about them and think for yourself.
by Edward R August 08, 2013
Finding peace through worshipping one God
Violence is not aloud in islam
Islam is not supportive of terrorism
by Hujhjhj hbjhjbjhjhbjhhjh June 29, 2015
Islam means the religion of peace. A person following Islam will find that he or she is surrounded by noble teachings, the aim of which is to establish peace between man and Allah, the Creator of all;between man and man; and between man and the rest of Allah’s creation.How does such a religion deal with the issue of terrorism? And what does the word terrorist mean? Dictionaries will define a terrorist as one who systematically uses violence and intimidation to achieve political ends –or one who controls or forces others to do something by violence, fear or threats.All these definitions are covered by two words in the Holy Qur’an, the sacred book of Islam: Fitnah and Ikrâh.In the Holy Qur’an, God begins to deal with the issue of terrorism by teaching Muslims never to become terrorists in the first place.Two of the very first verses of our Holy Book say: ‘Al-Fitnatu ashad-du minal qatl’ –meaning that in the sight of Allah, ‘persecution, or making people constantly fear for their lives, is much worse than killing’. And also:‘Lâ ikrâha fid-dîn’–‘There shall be no compulsion in religion’, that is to say,that no one has the right to force others into complying with their demands or compelling others to follow their line of thinking.Allah reminds us that it is those who have abandoned Him and thrown away all good, and divested themselves of every shred of human decency, that are the ones who will eventually resort to terrorizing others,forcing them into complying with their demands.
Islam in life: One day he found a mother bird beating her wings on the ground in distress. He asked his companions: ‘Who has done this?’ They said: ‘We took her young ones out of her nest.’ The Holy Prophet (pbh) said: ‘Restore them to her. No mother must be tormented on account of her child.’On another occasion, he found one of his companions setting fire to an anthill. He immediately told them to put out the fire saying: ‘No one has the right to torment others with fire.’As Allah Almighty says in the Holy Qur’an that the true believers are: ‘those who suppress their anger and forgive people’, likewise, the Holy Messenger of Allah, Muhammad, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said: ‘Allah is Gentle and loves gentleness in all things. Make things easy and do not make them hard. And cheer people up and do not repel them.’It is clear that the true believers and all other good, honest people are always on the receiving end of terrorism, never on the delivering end. Whenever such tendencies appear in society by which the peace is being disturbed and people cannot live their lives without fear, Muslims are enjoined to counter them first of all by reasoning with those responsible for the disturbance. The Holy Qur’an says:Call unto the way of your Lord that is the way of justice and goodness with wisdom and goodly exhortation, and argue with them in a way that is best. (Ch.16: v.126)
by Muslimahh October 27, 2013
In Islam there is one God called Allah he is the creator of this world, and is not human and doesn't have any children. Muslims are followers of Islam and believe in Allah, The Prophets, and The Quran.

There are a lot of racist and inaccurate definitions and to set them straight, Islam does NOT promote terrorism or violence. If you actually read the Quran you will realize that Islam is about peace. You cannot judge MILLIONS of people on Media Lies, the media only shows the destruction caused by Muslims and exaggerates on it HOWEVER UNFORTUNATELY IN ALL RELIGIONS There are terrorists and you CANNOT JUDGE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE on a bunch of terrorists. Followers of Islam are peaceful people.
What religion do you believe in?
by BeautifulWorld January 23, 2012
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