only thing in the world you can't make fun of without risk of decapitation
"And what about that Mohammed guy, wasn't he a weirdo. I mean Islam is-" THWACK!
by Horseshyte April 20, 2011
A religion of peace that erupts in riots and violence at the slightest disrespect or depiction of somebody they are not allowed to depict so neither is anybody else
People keep saying islam is a religion of peace but it is the religion everybody is afraid of upsetting.
by Anti-life equation November 08, 2014
Unfortunately, most of the peace-loving Muslims do not adhere strongly to the religion. Hardline Muslims see nothing wrong with killing nonbelievers. While not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists are Muslims. (Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, the Taliban not terrorists, but oppressors of freedom...and don't bring up Timothy McVeigh. He was not a Christian)

"I have been made victorious with terror."
Bukhari Vol. 4, Bk. 52, No. 220

"Killing disbelievers is a small matter to us."
Tabari IX:69
Hardline Muslim: Achoo!
Christian: God bless you!
HM: What?
C: God bless you.
HM: Who?
C: You know...God?
HM: Oh, you mean Allah!
C: No, I'm a Christian.
Muslim gasps, attacks.
One less Christian in the world, thanks to Islam, the religion of peace.
by WBF April 18, 2013
Created in the late Classical Period by the fraud prophet Muhammad, who took the bible and copied it down to the color scheme, thus making his own religion. Spoken by a vassal of God, the beliefs were peace and love, and lasted about half a decade before everyone started killing themselves to determine who was to head this "violence free" religion. Since then, killing has been as normal to Muslims as going to church for Christians, except it occurs more frequently. And instead of a private religious university, they have ISIS, which specializes in teaching these "naive" British boys how to most efficiently behead their dads on live television (considered a sport, like basketball, in most Muslim countries).
Reporter: So, Islam supporter. Why do you commit such war crimes?

ISIS Member: Because you started it! "wahhh"

Reporter: Ummmm, no you did. 9/11, remember?

ISIS Member: The only thing we did to you was kill 3000 innocent civilians, destroy 2 of your most iconic buildings and wreck several blocks of NYC. Heck, my 3 year old Muslim daughter has a higher kill streak in ISIS sponsored Pre-K.

Reporter: Ehhhh...

ISIS Member: and we had a legit reason! Democracy sounds and looks stupid!

Reporter: But you've never witnessed it first hand, much less experienced it...

ISIS Member: So? I don't have to experience anything, I have Alaa!

Reporter: Wha-?

ISIS Member: SILENCE! Don't bash Alaa. He is the equalizer of people, the guardian of peace. And I will kill you in his name! *Beheads Reporter*
by DEFINITION=TRITH December 17, 2014
A religion you need to find good sources to know about. Negative images spreading through social media tells nothing about what Islam accurately is.
Reading about Islam from reliable sources will give you a lot of well grounded materials.
by F2sh6 January 20, 2015
A monotheistic Abrahamic religion, common in the middle east, founded by the supposed prophet Muhammed and worshipping the deity Allah. According to the religion, "God is One." It is descended from Ishmael (As opposed to Judaism and Christianity, which descended from Isaac.) Adherents (Which are called "Muslims") believe that Biblical figures such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus were prophets of Allah. Another prophet, reffered to as Muhammed, appears only in the Qu'ran (one of the muslim holy books). There are three other associated holy books, the Torah, the Zabur, and the Injil (Gospel.)
Islam is the religion associated with most -stan countries.
by Neutral Extremist February 22, 2014
A monotheism religion. Holy Book is the Qur'an. Prophet is Muhammad (pbub) is the main prophet. Fast for thirty days. We respect other people's religion yes some have lost the way but other not. You can't judge what you don't know. Judge Isis you know them, or the people that did 9/11, just don't judge the innocent one who don't deserve it. And really are you guys one to judge at all? Is anyone really? You're ancestors raped and murdered and torture and broke apart families and took away land that wasn't theirs and now your gonna judge most people who didn't even do anything. You share blood with the people that ruined Africans and American Indians lives, and we only share religion. We are not the same just as some of you have changed from your ancestors. Just think for a second, you are racist you might say your not but you are. The first thing that come to your mind when someone says terrorist is Muslims. But your 100% wrong. Yes some Muslims are terrorists for reasons that we good Muslims do not understand. They don't follow the rules as the qur'an puts. Next time think about that.
I am Muslim, since my religion is Islam
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