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term for females cumming out brown stuff which resembles chocolate ice pops. it is an orgasmic idea to do this with Madagascar Monkeys.
Did you know that that girl Brittany G went home and Islamed all over that monkey, Ali?!
by Erick Diazz The Dirt May 09, 2011
In Islam there is one God called Allah he is the creator of this world, and is not human and doesn't have any children. Muslims are followers of Islam and believe in Allah, The Prophets, and The Quran.

There are a lot of racist and inaccurate definitions and to set them straight, Islam does NOT promote terrorism or violence. If you actually read the Quran you will realize that Islam is about peace. You cannot judge MILLIONS of people on Media Lies, the media only shows the destruction caused by Muslims and exaggerates on it HOWEVER UNFORTUNATELY IN ALL RELIGIONS There are terrorists and you CANNOT JUDGE MILLIONS OF PEOPLE on a bunch of terrorists. Followers of Islam are peaceful people.
What religion do you believe in?
by BeautifulWorld January 23, 2012
the last religion from God to humankind
God sent many prophets since the begining of humanity to remind them of their true purpose which is to worship God & make earth a wonderful place to live
people kept on forgetting their teachings & editing their holy books that's why God sends a new prophet
when Isa (Jesus) peace be upon him was sent to the Jews they were supposed to convert to christianity because it's the most true religion by that time
after 6 centuries of editing the bible and changing in the true Christianity God sent his last prophet Muhammad with Islam
that's why we (the muslims) wish that all people become muslims cause it's the last religion and the only one not changed
we are not saying that Christianity is wrong
but Christianity today is totally different from what it was
we respect Jesus & his mother a lot but as humans
if a God has a son how can we say he's a God ??
a true God is the most powerfull and need no son or anything that make him resemble his creatures
that's our belief
but Islam never forced anyone to convert to it " NEVER"
please read about a topic from reliable sources before talking about it
Christianity had a violent history during crusades
can we say that your religion taught you that? ofcourse not !

you just can't judge all people or an entire belief based on some examples

by the way I don't & never met anyone who thinks that our purpose is to kill Americans !
that's so stupid !
reading about Islam will change many of your misunderstandings
by Miss Genius May 29, 2011
A religion made look messed up on UD by perverted minds using fabricated verses from the Koran and taking historic events in the wrong context.
Dude A: Dude this Urban Dictionary is awesome.
Dude B: Yeah. except for one thing. They have "tall, dark and awesome" for Christians and "terrorists and pedophiles" for Muslims.
Dude A: May be its true.
Dude B: Dude. 22% of the world's population are following Islam. Im pretty sure we'd be fucked by now if there were that many terrorists and pedophiles living in the world.
by watsmynamedoood December 28, 2010
Islam. One word represents it. Worship. We worship the all powerful Allah. We favor peace. Islam is also about showing peace, respect to everyone, even though that are not followers. It's our duty to make the world a better place, to distinguish right from wrong, to make an example, and above all, show love and being a slave to Allah. We give to those in need. We have rituals and routines. We are not terrorists.
by Shadowedwisdom September 30, 2011
A monotheist religion that is hated on because of hardly a FRACTION of its population.
Yeah, despite popular belief, NOT all followers of Islam want to bash your brains in.
by jalakhari November 09, 2010
QUOTE: "Islam is the arabs's version of Christianity. The arabs did not have a religion in the 6th century so they decided they should have their own because they did not like the fact that the Jews had their religion and the Christians had theirs and they had none and that was very humiliating for them.
So they invented their own religion mainly by copying bits and pieces from Judaism and Christianity and then called it Islam. Then they made up pieces as they went along over the years and voila instant religion! Now the followers of Islam get very touchy about their religion and they go around trying to convince the world that they are very nice people by showing lots of pictures of children and girls in Islamic dress and when they can, they kill anyone that does not believe them.
Allah does not exist, he was invented by deluded desert people of Arabia and Mohamed was not a prophet. And Islam is the biggest hoax pulled on humanity that has gotten more people to suffer and be killed than the devil ever could."
Well, no actually, Arabs did have a religion, infact many. Most of these were religions of idol worship. And again get it right, you can get Arab Christians and Arab Jews. And again, so wrong, where was Jesus from? PALESTINE!? Who are Palestinians? ARABS! Figure out the rest for yourself. Wake up and be honest. LET the world be a better place instead of spreading bull sh*t.

Idol worship

("Let's go lie about a religion, mmm, which religon, Christianity? No, did that last week, Hinduism? leave that for later... AHAH! ISLAM! Now lets go spread some crap that just isn;t true at all.")
by HonestAthiest March 12, 2009