the religion founded by their prophet muhammed .
the precise definition of the word means "total submission" (to god) .
a person of that faith is called a "muslim" , which means "one who submitts" .
back in the earlier times, the religion was known as "the faith of muhammed" , and the followers were called "muhammedins"

the muslims believe that god spoke to their prophet muhammed and told him the way to heaven and the way to live by his name, and to spread his words. he was illiterate , so another man wrote down everything that he said, and the holy book of the quaran was made. they believe in most of the main prophets that the jews and christians believe in, some of them include moses, abraham, david, mary, joseph, paul, john the baptist & the disciples of jesus. they believe in jesus as a prophet , but not as christ or son of god, but as a messenger of god. in the qua'ran jesus is the second highest prophet next to muhammed. muhammed is also their last prophet, there are no more prophets after him.
islam is the faith of the followers of muhammmed
by night prawler May 22, 2005
Second largest religion in the world. Islam is based on the Qu'ran, a text dictated by Muhammed (the last of the prophets.) The Qu'ran gave many more rights to women a thousand years ago than America had in the 1800s, although the religion evolved to be strongly biased in favor of men. Followers of Islam, muslims, have been given a bad name by the Taliban, which was trying to re-create life in the time of Muhammed (which was a pretty bad time to be alive.) Terrorists think they are defending Islam by hurting countries that stomped on them before. Conservatives think they are protecting Christianity by pounding other countries into the dust, while they give Christianity the bad name of a trigger-happy terrorist, worthy of being attacked.
Omg, dad, that guy must be a terrorist, he isn't white.
by three guesses June 26, 2005
1. A pretty cool religion that supported Science, Philosophy, and woman's rights but which was given a bad name by some very messed up fundamentalists who abused and bastardized it.

2. A monotheistic religion derived from the words "Submission" and "Peace" which has been a target of religious hatred because of roughly %0.01 of its population.
Don't blame Islam, blame the people.
by Amir X February 04, 2008
The definition of Islam is not found in any of the entries below, or even this one for that matter. To truly understand this religion or do it any sort of justice, do some research. Reading biased opinions made by ignorant people will not give you any clear or truthful definition of Islam.
Internet-loving tween: Dude, isnt Mo getting married next week? Even though we're 11? Muslims do that, right, like as a part of Islam?

Informed Individualist Tween:...No.
by Michiroo September 20, 2006
islam does not mean "peace" islam means "submission"
The Arabic term 'islam means "submission" and itself comes from the term 'aslama, which means "to surrender, resign oneself." In Islam, the fundamental duty of each member is to submit to "Allah" (Arabic for "the God" which was Hubel the god that the family of Muhammad worshiped) and whatever Allah wants of them.
by shank monkey October 23, 2005
Primarily Arabic religion teaching peace, love, and dedication to the one True God--Allah. The prophet Muhammad was given the direct word of Allah by the angel Gabriel, where it was taken down verbatim and has remained unchanged since. Their holy book, the Qu'ran, names several miracles performed by Muhammad by permission of Allah, as well as several scientific truths proved only recently by modern technology--the borders of saline and freshwater, the shape of a microscopic embryo in development, the concept that the earth and heavens were one united 'dust' before they were separated (as in the Big Bang Theory). Right-wing Christians have corrupted the security Muslims share in their faith into an image of terrorism and evil, although the true meaning behind the faith is of peace and acceptance, as they take Christians and Jews as fellow followers of the Book--misguided, but still devout to the same God.
The advent of Islam in the 6th century came as the Bible became corrupted and Allah sent His final prophet.
by Wasser_Spiegel June 18, 2005
*reading other hate-based definitions and ROFL*


A religion supports peace and based on submission to God.
Very tolerant, yes. The religion & teachings, yes. The people? not always (humans aren't perfect). if u are interested.. : (w w w . w h a t i s i s l a m . o r g . u k) or (9 9 i s l a m . c o m ---> NICEEEE LAYOUT)

Misunderstood. Misunderstood. Misunderstood. Misunderstood.

I used to live in Australia and attended 3 schools.
One of them is catholic school, yet I'm a Muslim there.
There were also a few Muslim friends there too and while they were commenting on the teachings of school, I was very upset that they're Muslims but don't tolerate other religions and shit-talked them (idk why, are they real Muslims?).

Hey, Islam teaches us toleration. If a Muslim really practiced ALL of the God/Allah's commands, he/she WILL tolerate other religions.

And for mistaken surahs like we should kill non-believers, that was messenged at times of war (ex. crusade), so think about it, would you let your enemies attack, kill your families, steal your money, you while you 'tolerate' them at war?

But in real daily life, they must be nice to them, (listen, bros & sis.) So bombing with the intention to kill innocent non-believers is NOT Islamic.

To Muslim-haters, think about what you're saying first. Yeah i know it's fun to make fun of people to make yourself feel better. Ha.

All mistakes are done by humans, not God's.

Peace & Love ~ :)

oh, and stop being racists :| you're just proving to the world that you haven't passed grade school geography AND you need counseling. Sorry.

Muslim: Huh? Astaghfirullah. Go read The Holy Quran and learn the REAL Islam.
by >.<" June 11, 2009

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