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Fatimah is definitely a thug, even though Fatimah is spiritual and super caring. Classic Fatimah tactics include singing in the shower, having random midnight parties, and having hella people knock on the door. Fatimah always likes to laugh loudly at things she thinks are funny.. Fatimah always has visitors, even when she's not here, because everyone loves her so she can't help it!
*Somebody knocks on the door*

"Is Fatimah here?"
by irotyelgiuq October 25, 2011
A beautiful girl who is caring and lovable. She has many friends and can get along well with others. She likes to have a laugh and alot of fun but can get serious if she puts her mind to it. She's popular among both boys and girls.
Girl : My best friend is really fun to be with! She's lovely and some guys are chasing after her.

Friend : She must be Fatimah.
by HidingFromMistakes February 04, 2013
Is a cunt with her friend sondos.
Fatimah is a hoe.
So is sondos
They are hoe buddies.
by Fatimah lololol, June 07, 2013
1. A name commonly used to describe an ugly zombie.
2. A gap between your teeth
1. thats one scary fatimah
2. Dentist-"We're going to have to put braces cause you have a bad case of fatimah"
by thewordofthecentury July 23, 2011

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