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Exceedingly ill. Greater than.
That beat is ill, but this is illa.

Illa than the average.
by DJ Vu October 12, 2004
2 or more pills of ecstacy.
I heard dre has them fire ILLAS.

by Andrea Dunmire December 14, 2007
short for an illadelph bong, or, to use the proper vernacular, a sick ass "water pipe" to smoke some "tobbacco" out of
"yo man, i just picked up a quad!"
"ahhh, sweet brah, lets hit up the illa"


"man, im so fucking blazed, i cant even think"
"thats what you get for chillin with illa all day"
by cobra jack cheese the fifth jr February 11, 2010
its the meaning of strong weed, "food" is just weed in general but the illa is hiiiiigh.
person 1: bruddah u got food there.

person 2: yeah, still. how much u want?

person 1: like a benz innit, wot? is it the illa?

person 2: its rhino blud, dont worry bout that.
by smokey. April 23, 2009