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A guy who will brighten up your very worst day with a smile. If looks into a broken mirror, it will come back together. Always makes you laugh and is hotter than the sun. He is the type of guy you would tell everything to, because he is trustworthy and a true man. He is not the norm, he is original. He looks at girls through inner beauty and is super cute. Everyone wants to date him... he is the reason of existence.
Omg, you know a Jahan, your so cool.
by klovesdv January 23, 2012
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1. An arabic word meaning the universe

2. A beautiful girl

3. an intelligent lady who will steal your heart with her charm
1. I'm the hottest in the whole Jahan bitch!
2. She.. is a jahan
3. She pulled a Jahan on me, dude.
by Booksinthelibrary July 29, 2009
A Persian word meaning world or universe. Typically used as a male's name in Iran and surrounding countries.
Esme man Jahan hast: My name is Jahan
by Irani5 July 30, 2015
a rare snapping turtle
That jahan almost bit me!
by kseb August 12, 2006

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