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A place where inbreds recide, not just any inbred, they must fit a certain criteria.

Must have all of the following.

1. Four or less toes or four or less fingers on each hand or foot.

2. Parents must be brother and sister, cousins do not count.

3. Must eat only wheat thins and fat free Krispy Kremes.

4. Must have a dick and a cooter.

5. Must have come in first place in a sloth from the goonies look a like contest.

6. Doodie is a late night snack to them and not looked down upon.

The place is magical, and competition is at an all time high.
Question: Hey where did Tom the townie inbred go, haven't seen him in a while?

Answer: O! Good old Tom now recides in Inbredia, he is doing great from what I heard.
by Doodie23 February 16, 2011

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