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A troubled British-Americanized singer who is most known for her unhealthy weight, using drugs and wearing a huge beehive of black hair. Her sound is soulful while her look is n' and roll!!!
Amy Winehouse WON'T GO TO REHAB!!!
by tallytalent September 12, 2007
Well, they tried to make her go to rehab.. but she said no no no.
Amy Winehouse doesn't know know know.
by Krisk & Kim June 22, 2009
Soul and old school Motown sounding singer from England. One of the best, if not THE BEST voices in the music industry. Started off as more of a jazz singer and the like, with a different, more mainstream image in her album Frank, before turning into more of the afore-mentioned classic Motown sound with her record Back to Black.

Her image nowadays is a much more diverse one than she started with, and draws mixed reviews. Some love her style, while others with no taste more obsessed with the mainstream image dislike it greatly. She is probably the best female singer out today, and one of the biggest in the tabloids for her drug and rehab scandals and her fights with her boyfriend.

Still though, one of the very best, most unique entertainers out today, and one of the most beautiful as well, regardless to what some other tasteless cunts will tell you.
Bill: Amy Winehouse is the best singer out today

George: I agree, whoever put that other definition of her is a wanker.
by Griffin Tew September 24, 2007
A talented singer who's died recently
Amy Winehouse was a great singer.
by xSkaz July 23, 2011
An amazing, extremely talented, beautiful, hilarious woman who unfortunately got into drugs in her early twenty's and passed away at age 27 on July 23rd, 2011.
Rest in peace Amy Winehouse, we love you!
by ifuckingloveyouamy December 23, 2011
Other word for drunk female person.
Look, there goes Amy Winehouse again!
by Traddor November 30, 2009
Should have said "yes, yes, yes" to rehab. Too soon?
Amy Winehouse, dead at 27. They tried to make her go to Rehab, but she said "no, no, no." She may be regretting that now.
by SpartyNash13 July 23, 2011

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