4 definitions by jahrambo

An inbred individual; an individual of inbred descent; the result of a chifterous relationship; a chift.

A portmanteau word arising from the communion of the nouns inbred and individual.
Amy Winehouse is an inbredividual
by jahrambo November 27, 2009
An Italian word, literally meaning 'sailor style', referencing the coarse nature of seamen and their perceived propensity for the anus.
Come here Cecil so I can give you a good rogering... marinara style
by jahRambo April 17, 2011
What people who lace there cigarettes with embalming fluid refer to said fluid as. This being a result of profound mental retardation due to abuse of the substance.
Hey homie let me catch some inbombing fluid.
by jahRambo August 25, 2010
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