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1. A microsoft font commonly used in image macros because of its apparent ubiquity

2. A qualitative measure for how much effect something will have over time. Usually refers to how shocking, thought provoking or memorable some given item is (or likely to be).
-Most lolcat pictures have Impact text

-I want to photoshop Luigi's face onto Charlie Sheen's head. How much Impact would that have, you figure?
by Rohandrius March 26, 2011
The integral of efficacy with respect to time
What is that knight's impact?
by anonymous July 12, 2004
If something is amazing or the best it is impact.
also used when describing something that is as good as it gets.
a term coined by Goemon in his many video game exploits.
Lane: yo man, that booty is impact!
Wade: she's twelve?
Lane: age is only a number. impact is impact!!!
Steve: damn lane, WoW is impact.
Lane: not. my screams are Impact.
by WadeWood April 02, 2007
an organization that offers classes to teach women, men, and children how to defend themselves against assailants. the training is full-force, real life situations, with a padded, suited mugger. Impact also teaches the psychology of predators, and how to defend oneself verbally. there are impact organizations in LA, Japan, the Bay area, australia, and many more.
When the man tried to mug Molly, she used the techniques she had learned in impact classes to defend herself and save her life.
by iwillremainanonymous June 18, 2007
1. toilet paper

2. Something covered in shit

3. Written Verbal diarrhea!
1. Pass me Impact, I'm off to the bog!

2. That Impact is a soiled rag!

3. Man that's shit - have you been reading Impact again?
by Uncle Yusuf January 19, 2004
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