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Ninja boy with spikey blue hair and a tobacco pipe for a weapon; star of the Ganbare Goemon series in Japan, which has been released overseas in the guise of "Mystical Ninja".
Goemon is not a Pokémon, you retard.
by Sarahsuke July 14, 2003
Ishikawa Goemon was the most famous 'THIEF' in Japan. Many novels, plays ,and video games are based on him. It isn't known for a fact if he existed, but there are many legends about him. Generally he is known as BIG thief in the Edo era. It is said that he was excuted under order of king in big pot of boiling oil.
Goemon was a Japanese robin hood.
by Bob October 12, 2003
The ninja dude from Lupin the 3rd. He has a sword that cuts through alomst anything.
Goemon > Majin Boo
by Shawn B. June 04, 2003
Not to be confused with Gomamon (which is a digimon); he would probably be the one to complain the most if he saw Lupin and Fujiko doing the nasty...
L: Who's your daddy, girl?
F: Oh, you are!
G: Would you two at least wait until I got out of bed to do that?! *gets up* Disgust rises from within me...
F: You just had to do here...'Ah, Fuji-cakes, he won't even notice because he's a heavy sleeper...' yeah right!
L: At least he didn't notice
by Evil Tim July 31, 2003
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