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"Behind the scenes", particularly when referring to footage appended to the end of pornographic DVDs as a bonus feature.
The BTS on that DVD is/are worth the price alone.
by eatme October 11, 2004
Burning Tonkomong Sensation. Tonkomong meaning butthole in Korean. Usually means that they have diarhea. Used when you tell someone that they have BTS when they run to the restroom.
Hey look at him running in the restroom...he must have BTS.
by Daniel012 May 09, 2005
An acronym among stoners for "burn that shit" referring to the use of cannabis sativa and indica.
Whose down to BTS?
I got five on it.

I BTS while listening to the Kush and Orange Juice mixtape.

Rapper, Curren$y once tweeted that if you roll up on his "Pilot Talk" Album CD case, your high will intensify by 10x
by theSOURCE. September 08, 2010
Burn That Shit!!
Wanna BTS?? YEE
by ekimn September 08, 2010
Be there soon
by rewere June 09, 2009
Behind the scene
Here is some BTS stuff, interviews, etc.
by violet_hour March 24, 2011
Short for Big Titties, when you are somewhere you cant say Titties.
Dude, that chick had some BT's!
by Big Daddy Matty August 08, 2006

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