A secret society formed in 1776, filled with truly sick people, satanists, free masons, politicians and high bankers. Their one and only goal is a New World Order, or a one and only government in the world. The Illuminati has also killed all celebrities and politicians that have publicly opposed it. For example: Michael Jackson, John F Kennedy and Tupac. They control the media, fixing subliminal messages into Television shows, movies and video games. Right now, they control everything that is in our everyday lives. They plan to depopulate the world when in full order of it.
No example for Illuminati.
by SuperOriginalGuy July 04, 2010
People usually mix up the Illuminati with Freemasons, and Satanic worshipers, although they are completely different. The Illuminati was a society that dates back to the 16th century that believed in science. The Illuminati rejected many of the claims that the Roman Catholic Church preached between themselves and believed in scientific evidence. Galileo, Copernicus, and many other notable scientists were part of the Illuminati and major leaders.
So Basically they are people who believed in science more than religion and they are NOT satanic. There are some conspiracy theories about their association with Masons and the US government, but these are merely CONSPIRACY THEORIES and not proven facts so don't go around saying that they killed Michael Jackson or that they are singers that sold their soul to Satan. They are simply people who believe in science; the common day belief that is spread around (especially between teenagers) is completely absurd and has no facts behind it.

For more information about the Illuminati research using reliable resources or if you are too lazy just read Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons."
The Illuminati believe in Big Bang Theory.
by Nina-IB March 29, 2011
A group which nobody seems to either know about or be willing to tell the truth about, but post false information about it on urban dictionary like the sad fuckers they are.
Read all previous definitions of Illuminati and see if they all make sense as one pure definition. (unless the definition is not truly believed by the publisher or about a computer/console game, that one's probably sadly true)

This pure definition make sense? Na, because nobody who would post information about a secret group would actually KNOW about it's beliefs/aims they would only be able to assume, as they would be a non-member (assuming the Illuminati does exist).

There's a reason they call it a theory.
by Rationalising March 21, 2009
The Illuminati was founded by a man named Adam Weishaupt on May 1, 1776. The name of the order was originally to be called the "Perfectibilists", but instead they were named the Bavarian Illuminati. This movement was made up of a small number of freethinkers and it's hierarchy was modeled after the Freemasons, with having three classes and each class had several degrees. (I remind you that the Freemason are NOT the Illuminati) Internal rupture and panic over succession preceded its downfall, which was effected by the Secular Edict made by the Bavarian government in 1785. There have been rumors that they survived some time after that. Some even go to say that they survived to this day. Conspiracy theorist go as far to say that they still survive today and that they are planning a "New World Order". If they would have done the smallest amount of research they would know that what they think to be the Illuminati is completely different to what the Illuminati actually were.
by UtkeBoy July 27, 2011
Something ignorant people believe exists.
There is no illuminati conspiracy. Sorry.

The only people who believe in the illuminati are jobless fatass loons who hadn't stepped out of their homes in years.
by i hate douche bags May 10, 2008
People claiming to possess special enlightenment or knowledge of something

A sect of 16th-century Spanish heretics who claimed special religious enlightenment

A Bavarian secret society founded in 1776, organized like the Freemasons
That is the real definition of Illuminati nothing about the damn devil and what not. So who ever thinks it's about the devil can hop off. I don't have any examples but nothing about the devil and a group controlling the world and government. #HOP
by The truth deliverer February 16, 2012
1) Unbelievable; but possible because true belief the world is run by a secret society. 2) Terms of being possessed or "high" off of the shake of really bad schwag. 3) Secret society.
1) "Dude, that dunk was Illuminati!"
2) I was so Illuminati yesterday, never again."
3) "Illuminati!"
by Illuminati baby October 25, 2010

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