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A large collective of many people, ideas, groups,etc, that are illuminated. They can range from the average homeless drifter, to the most powerful businessman or occultist. They are everywhere in society and are impossible to destroy or entirely get rid of. There is no main unifying factor and they may dispute things amongst themselves or even fight for supremacy over one another. Some are benevolent, some are malevolent, and some don't care either way.
The Illuminati is everywhere and all seeing.
by xDiscordianx November 06, 2009
A child molester. One who likes to touch children and fondle them.
Kimmo Alm is a world reknowned kiddydiddler.
by xDiscordianx November 06, 2009
A board that focuses around the posting of images. Very similar to a textboard but it focuses around images rather than text.
The *chans such as 4chan, 7chan, 99chan, and 888chan are examples of imageboards, but there are many others as well.
by xDiscordianx November 06, 2009
An anonymous forum that uses only text to communicate. Very similar to an imageboard without the images.
AnonTalk, Awesometalk, or the 4chan textboards are examples of textboards.
by xDiscordianx November 06, 2009
Used to describe a faggot. Someone who is annoying or someone who is homosexual. It is also interchangable with asspirate and others.
Tim: Hey, Johnny won't shut the fuck up about his retarded Pokemon cards.

Jake: Then go punch that little assbaron in the face.
by xDiscordianx November 06, 2009
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