The reason for everything and somehow, people find stupid, ridiculous ways to prove the illuminati. If you want to be awesome, don't screw with this crap.

Wait a second.....
Awesome contains 7 letters! And there just so happens to contain the prefix awe. And awe means in amazement, and it works out because it's all fond to each other, and they all have the "ah" sound! And in the alphabet, a - h has 8 letters, if you subtract the 2 letters "ah" from 8, you get 6. And six sounds like sex... Which Miley Cyrus probably gets lots of, and she came in like a wrecking bAll, see. Pay close attention the the pronunciation, "ah!" And In the words illuminAUGHty, it contains the sound "ah"

So illuminati confirmed
Joe - "I wonder why they we have to learn geometry, it's retarted."
Sam - "It's because in geometry, we learn about triangles, and triangles just so happen to be the illuminati's symbol! So teachers are already training us to learn about the illuminati, and one day, they're going to come!"
Joe - "You're insane."
by Ghost_Red9 December 15, 2014
They are a secret agenda starting from a few millennia ago. The early civilisation made a law that the population must be on or under 500,000,000 people in order not to destroy the Earth. The illuminati are assigned to do that by killing people, making people have only one child per couple, all for reducing population.

Do not trust any mass media. Do not trust in any bullshit that breaks the laws of physics. They are using HAARP to create artificial weather to destroy us. Only half a million of us will survive after world war 3. New world order is coming soon. And it is because the Revelation told us.

Huge clouds of locusts attack us.
Then the fake saviour came.
Then so on...
Illuminati: go to space man! We will put you in a rocket.
Guy: why?
Illuminati: we are helping nature.
Guy: you can't do that!
by Ardune October 23, 2014
Something everyone screams when theres a triangle.
*sees triangle in geometry class*
by LolMeowMeowMeowKuutra October 17, 2014
A bunch of assholes who decide for the world beyond it's will
A: What word comes too your mind when you hear about wars , financial meltdowns etc.?
B: Illuminati
by Another random guy September 18, 2012
A pretend secret society that conspiracy theorists believe are trying

to take over the world. Also believed (?) to be behind the mutder of every famous person in the last decade
Most of todays music stars are showing their membership of the illuminati by the images in their videos
by liveintherealworld December 18, 2013
The ones who sell their soul to the devil for fame and game

True followers include:
Acomb, Stephen
Donnaly, Colton
Obama, Barrack
Pitt, Brad
Hitler, Adolph
Cruise, Tom
Satan performed a 3 way with Adolf Hitler and Barrack Obama and created the perfect illuminati baby, and named it Stephen Acomb.
by SatanCumingForStephen January 18, 2014
21. illuminati

people who are deeply enthralled in the united states goverment with twisted ideas to enact the new world order and domination on the rest of the world useing intricate plots so synicial they would lead to an invasion of the united states or a second revolutionary war by the people to rid these fucks out of the country. they are responsible for the term "The rich get richer and the poor get fucked over" there are signs of their icons the statue of liberty, the one dollar bill with the term "novus ordo seclorum" New World Order with one intention to enslave the people and control all of the power. see bonesmen
Some of our most powerful politicitans are members of the illuminati.

Comment submitted with Request to Delete: "This definition is virtually incoherent, full of misspellings, and completely incorrect. The Illuminati are fully explained in Dan Brown's book "Angels & Demons" as a secret society founded in Galileo's time to promote science in opposition to the Catholic church, which sought to surpress it. They quietly intermingled with the Freemasons, and were quite powerful in the United States at various times in our country's history."

To reference a fictional book as factual evidence to correctly define any idea, subject, word, theory, or belief is ratrded.
RATARD which means moronic, idiotic, thoughtless, self proclaimed ignorance, mindless, aesopian fact finder, fabeled reality, dweller of imaginary factless truth, king bonehead, jackass, shouda been wasted precum rather than experiencing the birth process. should wear a helmet every where they go including to sleep at night.
Otherwise the sarcasm should have been followed by and lol jk ro ROFLMFAO JK. illuminati
by SIZZLLIN January 12, 2011

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