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A group of people who apparently want people to think they are really cool. They are constantly trying to gain public attention by paying high profile actors, music artists, and athletes to the flash group’s “secret” hand signs, one of which is identical to the Texas Longhorns hand sign, which they seem to have adopted as their own. This works out well as a sort of free advertisement because every time a Texas Longhorns fan flashes the sign in support of the team, others may think they are affiliated with or are in support of the Illuminati. The Illuminati has also associated itself with a lot of other commonplace shapes such as the triangle and star and numbers such as 3 and 6. This group makes sure that their symbols are placed in movies, as an extra insurance that everyone is well aware of their "secret" existence. Some have made claims that some members in this group have delusions and/or intentions of taking over the world.
Person 1- Hey, have you heard about the Illuminati? They are going to take over the world.
Person 2- Yeah, anyone who spends their money to influence Lady Gaga's music videos is obviously powerful enough to take over the world.
by limeade August 06, 2010

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