a mean defensive tackle who will sit ur ass down
damn man iceman just sat me down again
by iceman October 27, 2004
fooled out playa hatin gangsta killer; aka cold harted killer; aka my uncle giovanni; aka hitman
"yo fuck i heard the mob sent uncle giovanni to ice u."
"for shiznit, dang homey, im gon roll up on outta this hizzouse."
"fo sho fo sho, ud best be bouncin b4 the ice-man shows himself and teaches u a lesson u never thougt ud learn"
"werd up, thanx for the 411"
"ud better go b4 we gots to call 911"
"werd peece nigga."
by straight up gangster nigger phil February 10, 2005
a man who stares fearless into the eyes of danger.
a little arab boy who frags the weak and huttles the dead.
owns dave
yo the ice man just owned dave again
by rhaabb January 12, 2005
cool dude form the film top gun
ice man is ice cold he makes no mistakes.....poor goose
by james March 30, 2004
total badass in the movie top gun. by far the best pilot ive ever seen
russian dude: shit its iceman we r fucked
other russian dude: ya man i hear hes banged a chick while flying supersonic
russian dude: shit he on my 6 o'clock im gonna die bitch
by kelly mcginnis December 08, 2008
Someone who prefers icefishing to other forms of fishing and is good at doing it.
Gus is the Iceman of Ontario.
by Whisperer January 27, 2009
iceman mean that u dnt have feelings. and u r a pimp on the street to other people if the cross you they r dead,that u dnt feel the cold not matter how cold it is you have 2 live up to the name and u must love only 1 girl(cookie for me) thats wot icemam really means,icey they will put u has 4 short that will be ok ,n ice will cuz the r the relly name of the iceman
Me and my frend john beat up 1 boi and i did not feel no way about it no 1 cud stop me. i was iceman the no.1 person the big boi no i wud touch me . iceman yh dats me.
by iceman b19 April 24, 2008
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