3 definitions by Shawndarius

another way of saying family
- this was created by a member of Hotsuey known only as the "KID"
What's up wit cha fam-a-lams
by Shawndarius April 10, 2005
1. an alcholic beverage that tase like cinnamon

2.what happens to you are your family if you cross "iceman"

3. the act of having sex with a breezy and hittin it hard enough so she has problems walking straight
1. you ask the bartender for an assassination

2. yo i got the video of iceman's assassination of ol' boy lastnight at the club

3. if you go home with a member of Hotsuey they'll put an assassination on that ass
by Shawndarius April 10, 2005
1. a short rowdy memeber of the most notorious group of Marines in Japan
1.Yo you know dat dude iceman hit ol boi wit a 6 peice last night
by Shawndarius April 10, 2005

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