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Commonly used to define members of the Irish travelling community. The previous definition cites the use of 'tinker' in this context as ignorant. Maybe he/she is a tinker (in the metalwork sense of the word) and does not like his traditional profession to be used in such a manner. I would like to add that Irish travellers traditionally were very improvising metal workers and sold pots made of scrap metal to make a living (as opposed to topping trees badly and laying poor quality tarmacam like they do now).This is the long-standing origin of the association of Irish travellers with the word 'tinker'. They are tinkers. Hence the phrase, ' Any scrap copper there boss'.
There was war at that tinker's funeral in Balinasloe there last week- all the pubs and shops were closed for the week
by gc May 06, 2005
Ploki is a word used for computer programming development testing. It has no meaning other than its significance as a word with no prior meaning. It therefore is easily found in a code search and thus finds its usefulness in spotting test code before it goes live for any developer who uses this word as their "testing word" while working. The word was picked for its prior meaninglessness, its unique order and combination of letters, and for the convenience of the approximity the letters have to one another on the standard English keyboard.
// this will dump stuff onto the page, right?
echo "ploki";
by GC June 19, 2006
1.operatenor 2.One with far too much spare time. 3. Person (?) who has trouble reconciling their place in the world with reality.
operatenor is the reigning postwhore.
by GC April 05, 2004
girls that sleep around a lot
dude 1: yo dude, she told me she went down on this kid in a library once
dude 2: ah, no way, how old was she?
dude 1: *shakes head* 12
together: WHUOA!
by GC April 21, 2003
A rip-off store on which they think they can charge $15 for a blank disk that I can pick up at best buy for $.99
I was terribly ripped off at www.cdw.com
by GC January 08, 2004
fuckin owner who rips girls apart because he's hung like a bull
man grant is an iceman, i wanna fuck him - Haley Hewitt
by GC March 12, 2004

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