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The Iceman is a legend on the east coast, though his name was made for himself in New Jersey. In an unsuccessful attempt to impress a girl, he attempted to "freeze" a plate of hot fries. This act donned him the name, "THE ICEMAN", and his legacy will live on for eternity.
"Whos that kid with no game?"
"umm..i think they call him, 'The Iceman'."
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by the girl he creeped on April 28, 2008
its when, right before you put your dick into a chick you rub ICY-HOT on your dick or on the outside of a condom and the fuck her leaving her with any icy sensation.
"i gave "THE ICEMAN" to your grandma's daughter last night."

#iceman #ice #man #the #to
by marine0847 September 10, 2008
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