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To pull a Hutter

When someone is kissing a girl and proceeds to take their cock out in a nonchalant fashion. To pull a true Hutter one must withdraw their cock then continue to make out as if the phallus isn't even out.

This forces the girl to deal with the fact your cock is out. Either she can ignore it, incorporate it, or put it away. If she proceeds to put it away, the immediate response should be to repeat the move until a better result is performed.
"Dude I never would have expected her to give you head."
"Ya man but I pulled a hutter."

"What chu doin?"
"Bitch I'm pullin a hutter, deal with it."
by Nick6969696969696969 January 10, 2010
To be very cavalier about an particular situation and/or to make a grammatical error in speech. Also referred as Wachovia.
You have just been hutterized. The hutterization of that man was incredible. OMFG you just pulled a hutter.
by Joel Biebighauser April 22, 2008
someone who likes to suck their own penis
You can tell that kids a hutter, he has seman in the corner of his mouth
by tastes_like_spagetti March 24, 2009

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