used as a term describing ones rush in the classic game of Counter-Strike.
First used by greek gods it is now used in this computer game to best describe ones ability to kill faster. Replaces of the old boring terms "Rush","Owned" and ofcourse the very annoying "pwn".
"Hustle" is a term not only used in CS but throughout life. It is an all purpose term, which why ofcourse makes it a great word to sprinkle on any sentence to spice things up.
"hustle that bombsite bitch!"
"hustle boys"
"nice hustle"
"imma hustle my girlfriend tonight and show her whos boss!"
"man we got hustled"
"see that bitch over there? well last night I heard 3 guys hustled her all at once"
by popped collah magic February 14, 2005
When someone does some good work or a gangbang
good hustle team hit the showers
by Rajpiececove October 10, 2003
Working hard, usually towards the common goal of creating an income.
All Jack does is hustle! You should see his bank account!
by workdefinitions May 14, 2015

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