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some new facebook fad where someone will put on their wall starting with that awkward moment and often times following it with something thats not awkward at all
fb status: that awkward moment when you miss the plane to go to Ireland

comment: thats not awkward that just sucks
by weathrguy September 15, 2011
probably one of the only white rappers out there
willy: ever heard of eminem a.k.a. (Marshall Mathers)? greg: hell yea hes beast at rapping
by weathrguy May 11, 2010
pretending to suck at a skill in order to bet others into what you "suck" at when really you do good at the skill and trick the person out of their money
oh man im not good at cricket

ill bet you cant beat me ill put $40 on it

hey your good at this you just hustled me
by weathrguy April 27, 2011
as played in Malcolm in the Middle episode dinner out in season 2, it's a game where you have to avoid looking down and seeing someone with his/her hand in a circle below their waste. The opponent tries to trick you by saying something like "look a dollar" or is that your wallet down there" etc. If you do look at the hand formation of a circle, the person that tricked you gets to hit you in the arm as hard as he/she could.
wanna play the circle game? no ive had enough pain today after getting my ass whooped by some jock
by weathrguy November 06, 2010
left over food thats not eaten(mostly associated with natures classroom)
"Finish your meal I dont want any ort in the trash".
by weathrguy April 25, 2010
A story written by Arthur Miller about what shit was like in a puritan town(Salem Massachusetts)and what people did to sinners and people who made the littlest mistakes. Can also be a story about Christian Radicals and terrorism
teacher: ok class were going to spending the next month reading the Crucible

student: white terrorists huh?
by weathrguy December 26, 2011
a low income neighborhood in Hoffman Estates Illinois that is often portrayed as "ghetto" when really it's not. It's called the gov because a street called Governers Drive runs right through it and all the streets in the neighborhood are on both sides of it
hey lets go to my house


the gov

isnt that ghetto?

dont be fucking ridiculous its low income
by weathrguy December 26, 2011

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