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A phrase used to describe a stark difference between two things. Similar to night and day, but "day and night" implies things got worse whereas "night and day" implies things got better. Sometimes preceded by "like."
JJ Redick was the man back in college, but now that he's in the NBA, he seems content to be a bench warmer averaging 4 points a game. The difference in his performance has been day and night.

Jake: "Wow bro, it was really light out here around 3 in the afternoon, but now that it's 9:00, it's dark as hell."
Blake: "For real dude. The difference in darkness level is like day and night."
by Nicholas D March 15, 2009
You're Kidding, right?
The beginning and end of the day.
" First, there's day, when it's light, and night, when it's dark, equals: Day and Night."
by XCallXYouXLaterX June 28, 2009
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