pretending to suck at a skill in order to bet others into what you "suck" at when really you do good at the skill and trick the person out of their money
oh man im not good at cricket

ill bet you cant beat me ill put $40 on it

hey your good at this you just hustled me
by weathrguy April 27, 2011
A way of life, a hard and well paying job.
I Hustle day and night.
by The Gooch Smasher!!! November 16, 2006
How U Survive Life Everyday.
Everyday Is a hustle. Bills and priorities have to be paid and taken care of.
by 93_Premium September 01, 2014
to hurry, pressure, trick, push around a person into getting something you want from them. Like: money, a good deal on a product or job, a favor, job, even sex.
He hustled that fool into buying a wracked car for 2000$

That guy earns more money in a week hustling thank i do in a month doing an honest day job.

Jim hustles his way into anything, he got Jessica to go to bed with him and he didn't even got her drunk.
by kittah.s September 19, 2011
To do things to get closer to your personal aim.
Selling drugs to get more money for a better life is an example for the hustle.
by Thenonhead April 03, 2007
To sell to someone and make a big profit off of cheaper stuff sometimes stolen
How did you make 20 bucks of that fake ass plastic chain???!!!

I hustle at the projects!!!!
by Kukal October 24, 2007
a tattoo artist in prison
Yankee's probably the best hustle there is in the chain gang.
by Dirty virgin August 30, 2009

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