Humans are actually technologically advanced teletubbies from the future, brought here by time travelers. We have lost the antennas on our heads due to the development of the DVD and television OUTSIDE of our body. We have also gained higher intelligence, deeper voices and better speech quality through Rosetta-Stone, brought to the teletubbies time by Marty McFly. Teletubbies come from a place latter known as teletubbyland. Teletubbyland land is a very green, lush, and thriving country, currently known as Afghanistan.
Marty McFly: Hey Tubby, I'm your distant relative, I'm one of the humans!

Teletubby: Uh, Gah-durrr, Tubby custard!

Doc Brown: Do you wanna light this teletubby on fire?

McFly: Yes. *Pours gasoline on teletubby*

Teletubby: Ooooooh, it feels tinglay!

by LuigiXmission.420 September 20, 2010
Almost everyone else who sent in a definition forgot to specify that only SOME humans are idiots. Others actually try to make the world a better place.
Humans asdfj kl;as dfjkl;
Primary adversary of the katywampus birddog

Derogatory term used by those with limited mental capacity to insult others by failing to recognize them as individuals (often used to bolster their own self image)
If the humans around here would do things like I say we'd be makin' money
by Scott T April 18, 2007
A human is something that should never mention Edward, Jacob, Bella, or Twilight or I will dickslap you so hard your face will fall off into a vat of acid.
Nikki Hamilton is a human, therefor she will be dickslapped.
by Brandemic August 13, 2010
creature capable of making mistakes.
Shit happens, I am only human.
by KelseyJG September 02, 2008
" would be an exceptional invention; it would be the only rational being, the only one capable of worshiping the Creator, of erecting temples in his honour, of waging dreadfully murderous wars in his name..."
-La Creation-

---an engineer angel presenting blueprints of 'human' to the Creator---
'I mean, we're only human beings -- and what's a human being? A weak, ugly, sinful creature, born that way, rotten in his bones -- so humility is the one virtue he ought to practice. He ought to spend his life on his knees, begging to be forgiven for his dirty existence. When a man thinks he's good -- that's when he's rotten. Pride is the worst of all sins, no matter what he's done.'
-Ayn Rand-
by daftydaft February 21, 2009
A mammal that lives all over the world, going to officers and carrying out buisnesses in large areas of the world. It's natural habitat is a big city but some prefer to live in a jungle.
natural habitat-its natural habitat is that large looking cities made up of cement and other materials. There are strange looking things that they use to transport. Humans mostly like to live in tropical rain cities but some like to live in deserts and rain forests. godzilla is the major enemy of the humans.
food:-its an multicultural omnivore.
population:-humans are found mostly in groups, gangs, cabinets etc.
sexual behaviour:-the female human, a woman and a male human (man) lives together for about 40 to 80 years maximum normally ,and is capable of giving birth to babies. In order to find a partner, both female and male attract each other. Unlike in dogs, the female human ass is sexy for all the animals and there had been few cases where female humans devoloped sex relationships between other animals. The reason for such an relation ship (according to scientists) is that the male reproductive organs are sometimes very small and not impressive. How ever humans have devoloped many stages of having sex but most efforts were made after immitating other animals like their pet dog. If one look at the dog and the human ,the dogs lick both human and dog legs. Now dogs like to lick human legs and rejects the female dog legs. This is a very tight situation that female dogs have to face over female human invaders.
baby humans- they are called children.
relationships with other animals- humans are like other animals but animals get very exited when they see sexy female humans letting their legs to be licked. It is very hard for an elephant to keep its trunk out of female humans tits and they at once put the trunk and the female humans seem to like it.
the dog always sleep near the human couple to get horny and that is one reason you find domestic dogs with larger cocks than normal. humans are very sexy, and dogs in the other hand are not so sexy but they make use of cute little human females who let dogs to do what ever they like.
by Yehan January 05, 2006

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