The term used to describe an individual whose relationship to you is between a slam piece and dating. This term covers the entire time period in which you two are a "thing", but do not yet have a title.
"Where was Alex last night?"
"She was at her human's house watching a movie."
by KarPaige17 October 25, 2014
Someone who is beautiful in every single possible way. There is no such thing as ugly humans. They are all beautiful in their own way.
Rude person: Look at all of her flaws
Nice person: how dare you? She's only human.
by thekatster007 June 08, 2014
More than one human. The plural for 'human'
In the laboratory there were a mixture of chimpanzees and humen.
by wakokid November 27, 2010
n. A logically necessary fiction.
"Socrates was a human"
by Inna Goldberg September 20, 2005
the smartest and most advanced living organisms to ever exist, who somehow manage to be the dumbest things on the planet.
person 1: humans are the smartest things in the universe
person 2: so why don't they act like it

humans make stupid mistakes

i love humans

i hate humans

i like dogs more than humans
by allthingsever May 31, 2014
The most wily of animals, the most patient, the most obstinately dedicated to the cruel desires of its own power.
God gazed down in horror at that cunning ape he'd christened "human", and mouthed the words: "What have I done?"
by TheWatcherOnTheWall December 22, 2013
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