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Most definitely not free.
Telamon: Roblox, IT'S FREEEEEE
Me: *Points to the hats page of the catalog*
by T0mServ0 February 02, 2012
Megatron's bitch.
Starscream, make me a sandwich!
by T0mServ0 February 02, 2012
God's idea of a sick joke.
God: Hey, Jesus, check this out!
Jesus: Humans?
God: Yeah, those animals won't even know what hit them!
*Both chuckle*
by T0mServ0 February 02, 2012
That place where the black people are really lazy and the white people are just as lazy but they're mad at the black people for being lazy.
CIA guy: You're being relocated to the Deep South.

Peter: Ah, but isn't that (see definition)?
by T0mServ0 January 12, 2012
The government's way of saying "Fuck you!" to the Fourth Amendment.
Government: Hey, Fourth Amendment!

Fourth Amendment: What?

Government: I National Defense Authorization Act 2012'd your mom!
by T0mServ0 January 12, 2012
A term useable interchangeably with Capitalism.
Guy 1: Ah... America. Nothing at all like I pictured it. Hell, here I come!
by T0mServ0 February 02, 2012
The same thing as Transformers, but somehow different.
Guy: Is this the Transformers show?

Guy 2: No, it's the Gobots show.

Guy 1: Really? It looks exactly like the Transformers show.

Guy 2: No kidding.
by T0mServ0 February 02, 2012

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