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One who believes in values such as peace, love, and happiness. However, the rest of the world can not seem to grasp these concepts and chose war, hate, and misery. Thus, they despise the ways of the hippies.
Hey, the hippies say that there is no need for our pointless violence. Why don't we listen to them?

Why would we do that when we can continue to live our in our hateful misery?
by PeachyKeen June 25, 2003
Unusually fine; dandy.
How are you doing on this lovely Monday day, my dear friend?
Why, peachy keen, of course, my dearest friend. And you?
Just swell. Dandy and spiffy, as well.
by PeachyKeen July 09, 2003
Incredibly arrogant creatures who seem to think that they are the only species on this planet.
The human race will eventually destroy itself, as well as the rest of the planet.
by PeachyKeen July 10, 2003
Only the most awesome band of all time.
I love the Beatles!
by PeachyKeen June 25, 2003
Used in England, instead of saying very very very very very very cool.
Omg, this is so totally awesome!
I know! It's like double cool with knobs!
by PeachyKeen July 09, 2003
The act of becoming no longer hungry.
I'm need to go eat something to unhungrify myself.

Okay, I had a banana and now I'm unhungrified.
by PeachyKeen June 25, 2003
The opposite of spiffy.
Aw, crap, I'm not feeling too spiffy today. What a scriffy day.
by PeachyKeen June 25, 2003
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