The proven medical condition of believing one is good, open minded, and loving when in all reality it is the opposite.

Humans may express the following symptoms:

Illogical Behavior
General lack of knowledge on the world around them
Hate Mongering without knowing
Habitual Lying
Being a dumb ass
Evangelicals: God loves everyone!

Atheist: I'm Atheist

Evangelicals: Your going to hell!

Atheist: I thought God loved everyone?

Evangelicals: That is the mystery of faith.

Atheist: More like the mystery of bullshit.

(NOTE: The example above describes an example in which the individual is acting Human. The word is not actually used. The example was intended to show what acting human is like.)
by James Mathew Anderson May 18, 2010
a being that experiences feelings of agony, love, joy, pain, sadness, etc., has individual thoughts and reflexes, can make coherent (or non-coherent) decisions, has intrests such as litrature, philosophy, psychology, the arts, mathematics, engineering, buinding, creating, growing and prospering. Check Humanism.
You are human, so am I, and so is everybody you know!
by Alina B September 08, 2006
HUMAN (acronym). Stands for "Head Up My Ass Now." This refers to an embarrassing situation where one may say something that they may not have meant, or have done something to cause everyone to notice, esp. in a public setting. I.E., a social faux pas.
"Oh, man. I just can't believe what I said. I've got my HUMAN."
by back burner September 06, 2005
People, and what we should refer to people as instead of referring to them by their race.
Michael Brown was a human being. The cop who was involved in that shooting is a human being. The children in Ferguson are human beings. Hitler was a human being. George Zimmerman is a human being.
by railerswim August 20, 2014
the smartest and most advanced living organisms to ever exist, who somehow manage to be the dumbest things on the planet.
person 1: humans are the smartest things in the universe
person 2: so why don't they act like it

humans make stupid mistakes

i love humans

i hate humans

i like dogs more than humans
by whatareyoulookingatttttt May 31, 2014
someone that makes mistakes, has regrets, gets jealous, sometimes feels lonely, gets angry, that changes their emotion all the time from being sad to the complete opposite, that does things wrong and messes up. Its a species that we all belong to, it's somebody that is un-perfect and no human being ever will be.
everyone makes mistakes, were just humans
by hello33333333333333333 April 12, 2011
A perfically good insult
R: hey bro
T: your a shit excuse for a human
K: ouch
by taylor coulter September 16, 2009

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