A nickname used exclusively by overweight women for their husbands. They think the rest of the world thinks it's cute that they call their husband hubby, when in fact it isn't.
Person A: So what plans do you have for this weekend.
Overweight wife: Well me and my hubby are going to go-
Person A: Fuck, forget I asked...
by Skeeter McDougal July 20, 2006
someone who is more than a creep or a boyfriend, but someone who you have thought about marrying and making your husband.
Dat gurl was all up in yo mans face. Don't she know datz yo hubby.
by Boo-Boo July 23, 2003
Male enigma met online by desperate, bored or lonely middle-aged women, who may or may not already be in a relationship. Hubby offers a sense of security in a world of uncertainty, a perfect panacea for all their ills.

Usually, though, Hubby turns out to be a horny old married dude, an emotionally insecure younger man looking for a mother figure, or a 50-ish nerd who couldn't get a root in a brothel.

Use can be alternated with the traditional use of the term "Hubby" - a term of endearment for one's husband.
Are you having cybersex with Hubby AGAIN? I wanna get online and do Gambling Frenzy!
by Googles November 04, 2004
someone you call your boyfriend. As another name for him NOT nesseserally the one your gonna marry. just a cuter name.. just as wifey is to a mans girlfriend
'i've been with my hubby for nearlly a year now'

'hubby and wifey 4 lifey'
by babygyal25 January 11, 2006
Hubby is the guy that you know is cheating on you but u stay with him anyways because he is special to you, he is your hubbby and you are his wifey.
I know my hubby is fucing you, but remember ill always be wifey.
by Sexy-Jess September 29, 2005

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