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A hubby is the man you can see yourself being with for the rest of your life. The man you would do anything for, no questions asked. The man you will do anything and everything to keep. You keep him happy at all times, regardless of what other people think. A man you makes you happier then you've ever been. A ride or die niggah who accepts you for exactly who you are.
"Thats my hubby for-real, and I'm his ride or die chick."
by HisRideOrDieChick032309 May 11, 2009
Hubby is housewife slang that combines the words 'husband' and 'daddy.'

Fathers are known to shower their daughters with gifts and pamper (oftentimes spoiling) them by giving them pet names such as 'angel' or 'princess.'

Essentially, a woman has the option to marry a husband or a hubby. The benefits of having a hubby is that a woman is able to have both a secondary father and a husband in one package.

When a woman brags about her 'hubby,' she is implying that she is a worthless being, and that her hubby is solely responsible for her family's well being.

The female equivalent for 'hubby' is wifey.
"We just relocated to ________ because my hubby lost his job."

"My hubby bought me a _______ for our anniversary."

"I have to wait until my hubby comes back, so that I can use his credit card."

It should be noted that the words 'hubby' and 'daddy' can be interchangeable.
by capnbarfy2 June 24, 2009
Term of endearment, also like bestie. A guy bestie who you call hubby, and in return he calls you wifey
"Hey Hubby"
by actionheroerin October 22, 2009
The most amazing man you have ever been with or known for that matter. also known as Mr. Perfect , the one , and the love of my life. You felt that spark from the first time you met, and as time goes on you can see yourself more and more becoming his wife someday. this is the man you want to have children with and be in love with for the rest of your life.

the first time he called you wifey, without thinking twice you naturally just called him hubby.
Mike "I love you my wifey"

Kelly "awwww, I love you too hubby"
by k houghlan February 05, 2008
a sexy young man who seems like he would be a good husband in the near future. Usually very smart and responsible, has a nice body and kind & powerful demeanor.
he's gonna be my hubby one day
by jumpupintheairandsayhellotothe January 11, 2011
A nickname used exclusively by overweight women for their husbands. They think the rest of the world thinks it's cute that they call their husband hubby, when in fact it isn't.
Person A: So what plans do you have for this weekend.
Overweight wife: Well me and my hubby are going to go-
Person A: Fuck, forget I asked...
by Skeeter McDougal July 20, 2006
someone who is more than a creep or a boyfriend, but someone who you have thought about marrying and making your husband.
Dat gurl was all up in yo mans face. Don't she know datz yo hubby.
by Boo-Boo July 23, 2003