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An individual who is either a small amount or a larger amount over the average weight of the age and/or height. Most overweight men/women are ridiculed because of it, since most judge by looks, instead of personality.
(Sorry, I'm not going to list an example for the entry Overweight.)
by Alexandria G. September 11, 2005
Slightly over average weight. Someone can be 1-30 pounds overweight. After 30 pounds, they are considered 'obese'.
Person 1: I'm 5'4, 140 pounds and a healthy weight.
Person 2: Really? I'm 5'4, 150 pounds and overweight. =/
by coolpeoplearegay April 10, 2010
Blake Giosa a.k.a. hot sex. great for fisting and a good hot carl/karl
Blake just made a hot carl all over my face as i fisted his overweight anus
by AZNman68 September 08, 2010
description of a very lardy individual who has to use a mirror to observe their own genitalia. (see jabba)
Woa! now that's overweight! Bring the lamps boys, there's blubber for all.
by charlie June 24, 2004
A condition when you turn into Howard Last. Getting different colour skin and say poor jokesand laugh like ur dying.
My god ur looking like Howard 2day
by Mark Butler October 25, 2004
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