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A stereotype of the way that asian or oriental people speak, especially chinese. More than likely is offensive to practically all Asian people.
I can't stand that ching chang chong talk. What the hell is he freaking saying?
by ACL April 13, 2004
The most famous male porn star in America. He is known for his big dong.
Ron Jeremy is the man!
by ACL April 13, 2004
1. National Basketball Association
2. A professional basketball league with 30 franchises in the United States and Canada. It is considered
3. The NBA Enterprise has three leagues. First the NBA, which has the top professional male players in the league; second the WNBA which is a women's version of the NBA; and the National Developmental Basketball League (NBDL), which is a semi minor league professional men's league.
Kobe Bryant is in the NBA.
by ACL April 16, 2004
1. National Basketball Developmental League
2. A Minor League established by the NBA to foster the talent of men's players.
If you aren't drafted in the second round in the NBA draft, you would probably make it to the NBDL
by ACL April 16, 2004
1. A spanish word for a man or a boy who is an ugly prostitute/pimp.
2. This word is also used for someone who is a coward, or any man or boy who is despicable.
3. The female version of this is puta, which basically means the same thing, except for girls and women
Shut the hell up puto!
by ACL May 23, 2004
A cute nickname for husband
Yes, John is my hubby! Isn't he sooooooooooo sweet?
by ACL May 11, 2004
a sexy bastard high school teacher; a male of stringbean stature
Dude, that Lambo has a hot ass regardless of his beanpoleness
by acl October 26, 2004

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