a HUB is a hook up buddy that has rules
1. you cant tell anyone
2. you cant tell anyone that you've done it
3. you cant ever like them
norris said: i want to be a hub with SUZZANE
by Call me mike December 08, 2006
the hub is your neighborhood
yo where you at,
i'm in tha hub
by Loo$e change0429 December 27, 2005
Head Up the Butt Syndrome. Guess that says it all.
Got tired of saying the whole thing everytime.
I have had HUBS all day.
My Brother has HUBS, we took him to the Doctor but it was too late.
by Earl Stapleton August 31, 2004
Doing a certain task good. Usually comes after the word 'too.'
after winning the game ted said "I came way too hub.
by theo March 08, 2004
Slang for Crack Cocaine.
Yesterday I got some hub, now i'm rollin' on dub!
by Justin Henderson July 29, 2003
a place where ANYONE can come, worship, and learn about the one true God.
God rocks at Hub.
by xyut December 15, 2003

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