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to go crazy, dumb, stupid, retarded.
" eh cuz, that girl be gettin' hifey"
by DANO October 30, 2003
To get crunk but mainly used in the Northern California area
Ths paarty's gettin hifey up in hea!
by FOBLumpia November 15, 2004
To go crazy all up in yo face
Don't make me get all hifey up in yo shit nigga. I will kill you and yo mama.
by Hevs August 27, 2008
upset, slightly aggravated, acting the opposite of relaxed or calm, complete opposite of coast
When I hear the name of my ex-friend, I becomes very upset and completely hifey.
by Amanda C. February 19, 2008
A husband that acts like a wife.
Wife1: Your yard looks amazing.
Wife2: Thanks.
Wife1: What do you do to it?
Wife2: I have the Hifey do it for me.
Wife1: Hifey? What's that?
Wife2: My loser husband that acts like a wife.
by dftgyhu December 06, 2008
A word commenlly said by "gangstas" or white suburban kids, to discribe a chaotic time
hifey in my wify
by matt March 05, 2004
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