hub caps. usually used in conjunction with other words describing one's automobile
"I got hubs and dubs that look just like rims"
by Jesus November 26, 2003
HitemUpBoyz - H.U.B. squad found in south jersey. they runnin shit hardbody; main beef is with F.B "fagot bitches" mostly of the puerto rican background.
"U havent herd of H.U.B?? Where U been under a rock?" - girl one

"Hell yeah. them niggas go hard as nails" - girl two

"Nah i fuck with F.B" - girl three

-girl one and two snuff the shit outta girl three-

funny bunny lover
by H.U.B NIGGA! May 26, 2008
Commonly used word on the server Asherons's Call Thistledown.
Anyone got hub plez kthx?
by Justin October 20, 2004
A hub (sometimes called a repeater) is a layer 2 networking device, similar to a switch, but not as advanced. Instead of sending a datagram to a specific ethernet address, the hub will simply forward the datagram to every port, except for the one it came from. They are common in small networks, but the massive overhead caused by all the datagrams being sent to every device on the network makes them extremely impractical in large networks. They are becoming less common as time passes on. However, they are immune to looped cabling in the network, but more and more switches are equipped with the Spanning Tree Protocol, which prevents against issues with looped connections. Wiring the network correctly also helps with this.
Hubs are used to expand a network. If you need to add devices, and there aren't enough ports available, time to get a hub or a switch.
by cymon January 05, 2007
Nickname for the city of Boston, since it is supposedly the "Hub of the Universe," as far as New Englanders are concerned.
"Hub Fans Bid Kid Adieu" -from an old Boston Globe article about the Red Sox
by Benjamin Watanabe November 25, 2003
H.U.B. = Hook Up Bitch
I texted, "H.U.B., come on over for some play time" and she was over double quick.
by TooSick4U May 29, 2009
A slut (male or female). A person who, on a hook up chart, is a central person adding numerous other people to the chart.
She's such a hub. She hooked up with 15 guys and added all their connections to the web.
by 128302 January 06, 2012

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