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Possessing a large, burly and toned, muscular build.
"Now I'm thinkin', I just took out a 6'6", 260 pound hubbed black man, and I can't believe this." -- Zeke Johnston
by rbrown November 13, 2004
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From the bay. To be extremely drunk, high, and basically fucked up.
Ay man, can u come pick me hella hubbed.
by Bubba509 September 17, 2008
A man, whether a boyfriend, a friend, a family friend that uses your name to brag to their friends. When you are constantly and mistakenly associated with someone that you do not converse with frequently anymore or with someone that you do not know or have not met.
When Shante' introduced us, I was already hubbed by the rest of the bar. Someone asked about it at work, yesterday.
by bobbie_fisher April 25, 2009

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