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the shortened version of the famous porn site pornhub
Hey joey whats up?

Nothing much im prob gunna hit up the hub later!
by hubking69 April 17, 2010
A slang for
John: Yo you watch that new Lisa Ann video on the hub?
Justin: Yeah, that video was so hot.
by Dr. Poonlover August 20, 2014
A wack ass crew that has souped up fixies just to make their bikes look cool and thinks they're the shit in Fixed Gears. This crew really gives Fixed Gear a bad name. You can find this crew "biking" the RIVER CONTROL of Long Beach. How pathetic is that? If your gonna cruise, bike on a street. Not the damn river. I will be long dead by the time I hear these people go pro and bustin' tricks. This crew is the exact definition of HYPEBEASTS.
Tom: Hey man what did you do yesterday?
Jerry: Uhm... Nothing why?
Tom: I saw you biking on the river control with your "fixie"
Jerry: Oh yeah.. I was with my friends The Hubs, how about you
Tom: Sounds boring, I was bustin' some tricks on the street.
Jerry: Oh that sounds fun. Something I would really like to try, but my crew just bikes the river control.
by Real Fixed Ryder June 28, 2009

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