A hub is a focal point: the point of no return in a girl's body - i.e. her throat (even though you may argue that, because actually, once you go down her throat all you can really do is return, unless you're going to somehow force it even further into her intestines or something). It gets its name from a 'hub' in laser tag: a base that you're trying to shoot at to receive the maximum number of points. Generally, scoring the maximum number of points, increases a player's happiness the most. In facefucking a girl, you receive the maximum number of 'points' by shooting at the back of her throat - this is the hub. Here points means the number of pressure points on the glans penis that are aroused, and the stimulation is at its all-time high. When ejaculating down a girl's throat with your foreskin right at the tip of it, there's no greater feeling a man can have. Thus, don't aim for infinity, aim for the hub.
"Before I go to the Obama '08 dinner party, I'm inexorably linked to being the hovering eyas that, with a mystical spur of marksmanship, uses his abomas to drill her hub and capture the flag."
by Erik Kislik June 21, 2007
One who commonly will frankenstien unclean dudebros and also cats. He has the strength of ten normal grizzlies and the stamina of Carl Ripken Jr. Drives the tealgreen cream cheese hot tub of seduction.
Rollin on hubs... AKA Hubs likes penispops and weenwhistles. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopen your love burger to my taking.
by yanwoo July 05, 2004
A person who cannot stem the urge to tell everyone about everything going on in their lives. One given to pretentious displays. Similar to the networking device used to broadcast data packets to all users on a network whether they want to receive them or not.

One who will not take the hint that they are not welcome in a social circle.
1. That guy is such a hub, he won't stop talking about his girlfriend. Like I care.

2. The hub won't turn his phone on silent. It's like he wants everyone to know other people care enough to text him.

3. The hub isn't a friend, he's an infliction.
by Jonmgx January 16, 2013
H.U.B. (noun) - Also known as a Heads Up Blunt. A fat blunt only burned between two people. The acronym is best used around chiefer's and non-smokers.
"Hey lets burn a H.U.B."
"Roll that H.U.B."
"Keep that H.U.B. on the hush"
by 332 November 07, 2007
HUB (H.U.B.) is an acronym for "Hot Ugly Boy".

Ugly guy who you know is ugly, but something about him just makes him hot.
Oh, look at that HUB right there. Ugly, but look at his fine ass body.
by ButcherChop July 13, 2011
A hug that involves caressing. It is slightly sexual, something you would not give to your mother.
Dan gave Jessica a hub after the movies one night.
by Jessica and Joe January 06, 2007
Head Up Butt
I forgot! I have Hub syndrome.
by Head Up Butt August 11, 2010

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