A girl who will always be there when you need her. She's sweet, but if you get in her face she will fight back! Tends to wears her heart on her sleeve, and gets easily heartbroken. Known to have a rebel heart of country. Long honey-colored hair with baby brown eyes, tan legs, gorgeous face, huge heart. Her weaknesses? Her insecurities, and the boy she loves. Tends to look girly, but once you get to know her she's just one of the guys. Real down-to-earth, loving, caring, but at times very fiesty, hard-headed, and difficult to deal with. But if you stay with her through those hard times, she'll make it worth the while when she's at her best. Give her the time of day and she'll take you down those dirt roads, look up at the stars all night with you, and fall asleep in your arms in the bed of a pickup. Never gives up on someone she loves. She's a dreamer of the romance and love stories you see in movies; fears that she'll never find someone that loves her the way she can love someone, whole-heartedness.
"I'm telling you man, ever since I saw her that day at the lake I can't get her off my mind"
"That girl that just moved in down the street, Hope!"
"Why don't you say hi to her?"
"Are you kidding? She's way outta my league"
*Later that week, he decides to say hi to her, little does he know, she'd already noticed him and been waiting on him to say hi to her*
by iloveyouhope<3 November 30, 2012
The unparalleled force that cannot be defined in linear, real terms and so is limitless and eternal.

It is the power that can change fate and shape destiny.
I hope for a better life, even if that hope lies in death.

Hope is part and parcel to love.
by Sunny Mui November 30, 2005
The assured expectation of things not yet beheld.
I'm almost late for dinner, I hope they haven't started eating yet.
by blindascension July 29, 2005
a very dangerous thing to lose
"hope is a very dangerous thing to lose"
by lovelost October 01, 2006
Hope is a girl. But a different girl. She isn't like any other person, and is uniquely amazing. She's someone who can be trusted. Trusted with you life. She's a girl who's different for many amazing reasons. She's beautiful. I mean insanely beautiful. With the most perfect, gorgeous and stunning eyes. And the most amazing hair, that smells like a million roses. Every feature is perfect about her. From head to toe. She's amazing. The most amazing thing about her is her tendency to love. And how she found it in her to love a boy who wasn't nearly good enough for her. She found it in her to make his life amazing. And perfect and covered with love. And now every step he takes and every thought he thinks, she is in his mind. Hope is a girl who means more than everything and anything to that boy. When she is around he's speechless. He's stunned and cannot move. She has the power to change his feelings in an instant. Hope is a girl who should be cherished forever. And loved, never to let go and always to hold. If anyone is ever to have her heart they must never let it go. Ever. She is the definition of perfect and is some lucky boys baby
Hope loves me. I must never let her go because I will regret it for the rest of my life.
by Macloliv July 05, 2013
A girl who is sexy, sometimes short, cute, and is not afraid of many things. she is funny, and has a tad of a dirty mind, all in all a SEX GODDESS!
"Wow look at that chick, whats her name?" "Oh that....thats Hope" Damn...she is SEXXXAAYYY!!" "MMMMhmmm"
by sugadaddy4evaz February 04, 2010
hope is a collection of awesome things like transformers, jellybeans and ninjas that amount to a girl who is the most beatiful girl you would ever see, incredibly clumsy, gets insane blisters, dances heaps, loves everyone, and is secretly bumble bee... but dont tell any one...
you walk down the street and you see a beatiful blonde girl driving a morry when she gets distracted and crashes.

she gets out unharmed and says to you... hi, i'm hope. hows it goin?
by lawn master legend January 08, 2010

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