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A play in ultimate frisbee. A receiver who is jumping out of bounds catches the disc in mid flight and throws the disc back into the field of play to be caught by a teammate, and thus retain possession. A very difficult play. The opposite of which would be the worst or dumbest, which is when a player attempts a greatest even though he could have dragged his foot and stayed in bounds.
Paul dove out of bounds to complete the greatest.
#antonym: #worst #or #dumbest #ultimate frisbee
by Ben J. August 29, 2006
The Best says to the Greatest: "To the Max.
#max #greatest #don't #forget #taylor
by MiGg</3 February 03, 2010
Amazing wonderful awesome= Paul
I love my Paul so much, He's The Greatest.
#greatest #awesome #amazing #fag #wonderful
by Ashley_Marie January 28, 2008
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